Tested against CSVN instance located on Lubuntu 14.04 LTS x64 ~/csvn. Start the console with ~/csvn/bin/csvn start command. After successfull launch the address to the browser interface is going to be displayed.

CSVN Console is ready at http://localhost:3343/csvn

The console can also be launched on system startup, see the README file for details. Using subversion with the default configuration, login as admin and run the server using the Start button.

CLI commands

Ckeckout a repository

svn checkout http://localhost:3343/csvn/project1

Ckeckout a specific revision

svn checkout -r 123 http://localhost:3343/csvn/project1

Commit changes

svn commit . -m "my commit message"

Create branch and commit

svn cp trunk branches/feature-branch-XYZ
svn commit . -m "feature-branch-XYZ added"

Remove branch and commit

svn rm --force trunk branches/feature-branch-XYZ
svn commit . -m "feature-branch-XYZ removed"

List last 10 commits

svn log -l 10 .

-l maximum number of log entries

List everything in ascending order

svn log -r 1:HEAD

List everything in descending order

svn log -r HEAD:1

Print commit statistics

svn log -v --xml | grep '<author.*/author>' | sort $* | uniq -c | sort -rn

Ignore a single directory in SVN

Ignore a directory with the name workdir. Run this command from the directory that contains workdir e.g.: trunk.

cd trunk
svn propset svn:ignore workdir .

Now check that the folder has been ignored:

svn status --no-ignore

You should see the following output, the I indicates that this directory is now ready to be ignored:

$ svn status --no-ignore
 M      trunk
I       trunk/workdir

Commit your changes to apply.

svn commit . -m "'workdir' excluded from versioning."